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CALECIM® Professional Serum with Rejuvenating Conditioned Media

(multiple ingredients)
    • Product: CALECIM® Professional Serum with Rejuvenating Conditioned Media
    • Manufacturer: Cellresearch Corporation Pte. Ltd.
    • Active Substance(s) : multiple ingredients
    • Pack Size: 6-4ml vials
    1 - 5 pack(s)
    $206.00 USD
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    Basic Information: CALECIM Professional Serum is a light formulation that concentrates on soothing, calming and healing your skin after dermatological clinic procedures (e.g. laser treatment). It is a rapid-acting solution where results have been reported to be almost immediate after application. Long-time users are also expected to have more cosmetic advantages. CALECIM Professional Serum is able to boost the skin’s natural healing process, so any trauma the skin has undergone during the procedure will heal more quickly. Additionally, the serum helps to enhance the procedure by encouraging healthy skin.

    Benefits this Product:

    CALECIM Professional Serum can be used by patients of all skin types: dry, normal, sensitive, or even combination skin types are able to use this solution, so that the skin is able to heal faster. Its key ingredients play a crucial role in achieving its goals. Consolidated peptides or glycoproteins help collagen, fibronectin, and albumin to penetrate the skin barrier, so that their effects can be exerted within the skin layers. Soluble collagen helps by keeping the skin integrity intact, so that its shape and form are retained. Albumin is for enhancing reduced skin turgor and fullness while fibronectin adds strength to collagen by binding onto it. Lastly, the hyaluronic acid makes the skin plumper as it hydrates by binding to water molecules. Patients can continue to use the serum after the skin has healed to encourage anti-aging effects, such as fine line correction.

    Ingredient Information: Ingredients include albumin, soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, and consolidated peptides or glycoproteins.

    Usage Instructions:

    • Patients should use a non-AHA cleanser to wash the face and dry with a clean towel.
    • It is recommended that patients apply a toner prior as the next step, but they may skip this if they find it too uncomfortable.
    • Using only one ampoule, make sure cover all the four aesthetic areas; starting first with the forehead, then the nose, left and right cheeks, temples, perioral area, and finally the chin.
    • To apply CALECIM Professional Serum, use a gentle patting or rubbing motion to avoid damaging the skin.
    • Do not remove laser char if patients are using CALECIM Professional Serum immediately after laser procedures. 
    • Be cautious not to exert an excessive amount of force during application.
    • This serum can also be applied at the neck, the area in front of the ears, the lower eyelids and the decollete region.
    • Moisturizer application is recommended after using CALECIM Professional Serum if the skin still feels dry.
    • Apply a generous amount of sunblock, particularly on sun-exposed areas.

    Note: For skincare at home, patients can use up to two ampoules of CALECIM Professional Serum over four consecutive days. It is recommended that patients use CALECIM Professional Multi Action Cream and CALECIM Professional Restorative Hydration Cream after the application of this serum for the best results. By using all three products, patients will notice an improvement in the overall health of their skin.

    Precautions: CALECIM Professional Serum should only be applied on skin with no open wounds. Avoid applying onto areas with broken skin until it is fully healed. Patients should not continue using this product if they find the application is painful. As well, patients who exhibit allergic reactions should discontinue use. This is not a complete list of precautions.

    Side Effects: CALECIM Professional Serum is an effective and safe cosmetic product. Patients may notice blemishes on the skin the product has been applied to, which is a sign of dermal cell turnover. Patients may need to discontinue use of the serum for up to a week if the skin doesn’t clear up within a few days. This may not be a complete list of side effects.