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JUVEDERM® VOLUX with Lidocaine

(Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine)
    • Product: JUVEDERM® VOLUX with Lidocaine
    • Manufacturer: Allergan
    • Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine
    • Pack Size: 2-1ml pre-filled syringes
    • Accessories: Package insert
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    Juvederm Volux is a CE-marked soft tissue augmentation agent indicated for subcutaneous and supraperiosteal injection. This hyaluronic acid-based product is manufactured by Allergan and is designed to treat the lower face, particularly the jawline and chin. When injected, this product improves the projection of the chin and restores a weak jawline, with long-lasting results.

    A pack of Juvederm Volux consists of:

    • two 1 ml syringes
    • four 27G 0.5-inch sterile needles
    • package insert
    • a set of labels for traceability

    How long do the results of this product last for?

    While the duration of the results of treatment with this filler can vary according to patient, the results can nevertheless last as long as 24 months. Ultimately, the duration is dependent on a number of factors. The results of treatment with this filler are instantly apparent.

    Juvederm Volux Features

    • contains lidocaine for enhanced patient comfort
    • non-animal derived hyaluronic acid makes it hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive patients
    • CE-marked for the treatment of the lower face, giving assurance to the safety and efficacy of this product.