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(PN: DNA Polymer)
    • Product: REJURAN® Healer
    • Manufacturer: Pharma Research Products
    • Active Substance(s) : PN: DNA Polymer
    • Pack Size: 2ml-2 syringes
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    Rejuran Healer is a cosmetic injectable with potent anti-aging properties. This skinbooster treatment helps to revitalize skin through the multi-action of its active ingredient. Polynucleotides help to stimulate skin cell regeneration and increase collagen production, which results in stronger, healthier and youthful-looking skin. Rejuran Healer is made by Rejuran Pharmaresearch Product, Inc, a South Korean pharmaceutical company.

    A pack of Rejuran Healer consists of:

    • 2 prefilled 2ml syringes 
    • Package insert

    How long do the results of this product last for?

    With a recommended treatment course of three to four treatments conducted in four-week intervals, results will endure for six to 12 months, which is significantly longer than hydrating skinbooster treatments. It should be noted that this treatment does not produce improvements immediately, the skin rejuvenating effects will start to be apparent approximately four weeks after the first session.

    Rejuran Healer Features

    • Unique active ingredient and composition for efficacy and optimal treatment outcomes
    • Active ingredient is naturally derived from salmon, not synthetic sources
    • Results last for six to 12 months
    • High purity for decreased likelihood of immunogenic events